Music Powerpoint

Billy Joel PowerPoint

When I heard that we were going to be using PowerPoint, I thought that I knew a lot about the program. How quickly I was found to be wrong. Audacity is a great program to mix music and create medleys of all sorts. I fell into difficulties when the music was not coming out exactly the way that I wanted. I tried over and over again to change different parts, and I found it hard to transition properly between songs. It was very difficult to just choose exactly which parts of each song that I wanted for the presentation. Most of the difficulties were from my being somewhat of a “perfectionist” and wanting everything to come out perfectly.

I did not encounter many problems with the PowerPoint aspect of the project. There was however something wrong with the animation in slide #2 of the presentation. I tried over and over again to make the bullets come out one right after the other, but for some reason they would all come out at once. Finally, I deleted the entire slide and created a new one. This worked perfectly. The bullets come out one by one now.

I am most proud of the collage at the end. I am a HUGE Billy Joel fan and love seeing how all the different pictures come in at the end. The link part that says “Piano Man” also looks pretty cool. I also like the fact that I somewhat learned how to use Audacity. I will probably be using this program in the future for my own music. This whole project was very interesting, although it took a lot of time to finish.

If I had more time, I would have done several things differently. I probably would have made the table on slide #4 more interesting. It has the little pictures at the top and the animations of the different cells are cool, but I liked the idea of having each separate cell come in. I would have also taken more time out to mix the music better. I feel as though the transitions could be better and I think there is something wrong with the playback sound on the computer (or with my music).

Animated Font Poem Collage

I chose the images for my collage solely based on the significance of my font poem. I searched all over MorgueFile and Flickr to find pictures for my collage. I found the background of the night sky. It seemed to fit with the idea of the “middle of the night.” The second and third layers involved a sleeping baby and a slumbering young guy. I changed the opacity of these images to 60% and used the smudge tool to smudge the edges into the background to make them seem almost transparent, like a dream. To bring these images onto the “night sky” backdrop, I had to use the Select menu, click All, then copy and paste the image. This happens with all the images in order to edit them before pasting them onto the background. With the river picture, I used the magic eraser tool to delete part of the background and show only the river in the collage. I decreased the opacity of the river to 70% and also smudged the edges, to create another dreamy sense. I also added a picture of a closed eye and an open eye. I first cropped both images so just the eyes. I changed the closed eye with the multiply tool, which made it appear in the moonlight of the background. For the open eye image, I smudged the eyes into the background and changed the opacity to 60%.

The animation was a bit more complicated. You had to make sure to turn on and off those layers that you want to be shown in each frame of animation with the “eye”. In the beginning, I was only using the eyes to show different layers and hide others. Soon, after much experimentation, I found out how to use other tools. I did not change much, but as the words come up, I slowly removed their effects and then made the words disappear altogether. The sleeping baby and guy, slowly fade into the background. I used the Tween tool to add multiple slides at a time and create this effect. This tool makes it easier to make the images seem to fade it, instead of doing it all one by one. I used this on the river as well to have it “lighten” into the background. I also experimented with the “Puppet Warp” tool from the YouTube video, but it proved too complicated to complete what I wanted to do in the time that we had. I also had some trouble when clicking and un-clicking the eye icon in order to show or hide various layers. I made mistakes by not selecting the layer that I wanted or accidentally deleting layers instead of animation frames. That is to say, I used the history box a lot during the animation process. I also made sure to time the animation effects so that they were not too fast or too slow.